Is it just me or is there something un-American about celebrating the (British) monarchy.

For the past few days, my Twitter account has been flooded with the coverage of the Queen Elizabeth’s diamond jubilee. Every major news agency got on the bandwagon, especially the American media, and with Good Morning America leading the pack, its correspondents wearing ridiculous hats on (inter)national television that reminded me of being at the Arboretum, everyone was all too eager to celebrate Queen’s 60 years of reign.

What’s always surprising to me is that as outwardly patriotic as most Americans seem to be, why we continue to celebrate the monarchy that colonized and oppressed our country and our people. We decided we didn’t want to live under some unelected king who taxed us without our consent and threw our people in dungeons without a trial. Our country was built on intolerance of royalty and on the strong moral belief that we were all born equal. We wanted to live in a country where people are judged by the content of their character and not by how royal their bloodline is.

So, why is there so much attention being paid to this family?!? Don’t even get me started on Kate and Williams wedding. Or ANY monarchs at all. I mean, doesn’t everything that monarchy stands for go against the fundamental principles on which this country was built?

As an American, I find it ironic that although our country was built on rejecting the constitutional monarchy and everything that they stand for, we are still enamored with their being and their lives. We fought a (bloody) war to get rid of them and to establish our independence, but we celebrate their existence … their reign.

What exactly are we celebrating? We are celebrating a woman who has essentially done nothing for 60 years and will continue to do basically nothing for the rest of her life except to carry out that ridiculous wave that so many Miss Americas/Universes have perfected. And worst of all, we are celebrating the very monarchy that has committed atrocities all over the world for the glory of their country and their kings and queens.

What surprises me even more is that the most enthusiastic support for the British monarchy comes from middle America, America’s heartland, where American flags are flown outside every home, where they carry guns to defend their Second Amendment right, and being an American isn’t just a nationality but a core of their identity.

I mean, I don’t have a flag hanging outside my home or carry a gun to protect my ‘god-given rights’, but I do believe that the whole celebration of British Monarchy is a contradiction to our own values and believes as Americans … or citizens of any and all modern democratic countries for that matter. To embrace monarchy is to deny absolute the very desire for equality. Also, I really can’t imagine any Brit getting up at the crack of dawn to watch the wedding of Chelsea Clinton or either of the Bush girls

I do understand that the fixation with royalty, whether British or any other European countries, is something we as humans are prone to … a bit like the fixation with the “Real Housewives”. In a world that loves reality shows and celebrity culture, people tend to live vicarious through the lives of those who have, and rather not think about the have nots … no surprise that Marie Antoinette has made a comeback. However, the British monarchy, as with all monarchs and emperors of the world, are thing of the past, archaic and sooo last century that discussing their lives should be as relevant as talking about the love affair between Adolf and Eva.


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